So long, 2020.

Prior to the dawn of 2020, I had written about the turn of the decade and shared a thought that I think is even more relevant now than it was back then:

I’m here with great news. If the “only” thing you did was survive, you’re doing great.


Should I repeat it? Nah, it’s in a special quote box and everything so hopefully that’s legitimate enough to make it stick.

It seems appropriate that 2020 is the year that I jotted a resolution list in a completely random notebook and forgot about it almost immediately. This is not my original resolution list because my original resolution list had “get rainbow hair” as a resolution. This I did succeed in completing. Don’t ask what happened to that list. I definitely didn’t throw it away in a COVID-19 fueled depragession.

I did remember two of my resolutions: to finish my Associate’s degree and finish the second draft of my first novel. The first of these was of course hindered by COVID-19 (I managed to finally take ONE of my CLEPs last month – thank you, thank you), but I did actually finish Mirror Walker and hand it off to friends to read. It’s a mess but it’s my mess and I’m pretty proud of the fact that I finished it.

As for the rest of my resolutions, well…

  • No cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol
  • Finish second draft of Mirror Walker
  • Meditate at least once a week
  • Finish Associate’s degree
  • Make official business plan
  • Save $3,000
  • Get to 175 lbs
  • Write one blog post per week
  • One non-blog post creation per month
  • Gym twice a week when not traveling

Honestly, I #nailedit 😀 Just kidding. As someone who usually has a vaguely 50% success rate with resolutions, this list can be a bit demoralizing. But I’m giving myself a break because, well, I mean, you’ve been unfortunately conscious and sentient the past three months, so. Yeah. I survived. And that’s this year’s big win, to be honest.

I also know that my original resolution list had “reach Platinum in ranked Overwatch” but I must have decided that it wasn’t possible whenever I drafted my second resolution list. However, as the fates would have it, I was able to reach the exact numerical threshold for that level of competitive play. So I think I’m going to give myself a +1 Completed Resolutions considering what kind of year it ended up being.

I was so proud I made it my desktop background for a week.

The fact that I had a weight loss resolution lowkey frustrates me – especially since I had made a big deal out of not doing a weight loss resolution in 2019 in my post, SMART New Year Resolutions for the Self Loving Feminist. A post whose core content I want to convert into a worksheet for my patrons, speaking of which. Because as unpredictable as life can be sometimes, I still love having goals. The key is to work as hard as you can without beating yourself up when it doesn’t work out.

As loudly as I proclaimed from the rooftops my visualization for the future I have in my last post, I have decided to keep the specifics of my goals and resolutions closer to my chest than I have in the past. Instead, I’ll let my achievements speak for themselves. Or not. Because at the end of the day speaking less of your plans usually means you’ll get more of them done. Plus I’ve grown past the need for validation on my accomplishments.

Except my plan to get to Diamond rank in Overwatch. You better believe that number will read 3000 this time next year c;

Oh, speaking of goals and Overwatch – I did reach one of my more recent goals which was to start releasing videos again. I’ve partnered up with Arcana Major as a friend of the show to give birth to our first video, Coaching My BFF on Mercy.

Even if you’re not really familiar with Overwatch, you should check out our channel because we’ll be putting content up every Thursday. This coming Thursday, December 31st, just before the dawn of the new year we’ll be releasing the Newly Friend Game: Torture Edition which is HIGHKEY some of the BEST EDITING I have ever done in my life. Plus we’re hilarious. And I suffered so much for that video. So, please. Subscribe. Enjoy. And I’ll see you in 2021. May it be a better year for all of us – increased productivity or not.

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